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How did it all begin?
Family hobby in photography was laid back in 1956. When my grandfather went to the army, he and two of his friends bought a camera, photographic enlarger, chemistry to show pictures. They started taking photos of their colleagues so that they could send beautiful pictures to their girlfriends. During the day they were taking photos, and at night when everyone was asleep, they were printing pictures and sold them. Thus the first commercial activity began with the motto ”It makes people happy and we are into it”! =)
Over time they began to shoot the whole division. They have been taken on business trips making photo reports. They were making photos of those who were demobbed and commanders of divisions. Everyone was so greatful to “enthusiasts” and paid them as far as possible.

When my grandfather was leaving the army they had to decide who will take away all the equipment. Friends cast lots and my grandfather won. Paying 2/3 of the cost of equipment to friends, he went home.
Family tradition
Like all good things turn into traditions and photography became our family business. My father took my camera and started shooting the whole family chronicle – not only ours but also neighbors, and then all trips. Friends asked him to shoot concerts and weddings because everyone knew he had been doing that for a long time. So my dad started to earn…

Failed radio technician or a professional?

I became interested in photography from an early age. After high school, studying in KPI, I bought my first digital camera and I was so interested in photography that I was expelled for failing an exam. After that I wanted to study at university as a cameraman.

I already entered the university and started shooting weddings and other issues for portfolio, first photo and then the video. After two years we made a rebranding and created “Ohrim production” where now many professionals work and they love their job. There are many freelancers and we hire them for individual projects.

Me and my mum – I’m holding my dad’s light meter.

Even then I was into cameras
What uses having a great depth of field, if there is not an adequate depth of feeling?
W. Eugene Smith
After such a long story the value of our Production became something more than just shooting and editing video.

Our wedding videos and Love story express the exciting moment imbued with love.

Our graduation videos and family videos are not just ordinary reports of activity. They put weight to family values and give strength to go to work in the morning if you watched family video shot by us.

Our promotional video clips care not only about the picture quality but also how the client will look at your company and feel attention to himself.

We know how to make high-quality and emotional video! We have much to be proud of and we have been caring for our reputation for more than 50 years!

Мы скоро свяжемся с Вами.